Did you know that many of our competitors actually don't print their own T-shirts? Instead, they job that out to third party contract printers thousands of miles away.
We think that printing our own T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts is a key part of keeping our quality high. We've put years of effort into developing our proprietary printing technique, and the results are plain to see: Drama Patrol prints are pin-sharp and our colors are vibrant (even on hard-to-print garments like fleece).
custom ink vs. drama patrol t-shirt quality printing


The difference in color vibrancy is like night and day: Drama Patrol shirts have vibrant colors that last through dozens of washes, whereas our competitor's colors look washed out even on a brand new shirt!

cafe press vs drama patrol t-shirt printing quality

spreadshirt vs drama patrol t-shirt quality printing

The Red Queen doesn't look so red on our competitor's shirt! We're able to faithfully reproduce the Medusa Dollmaker's vivid red crown, heart, and face paint as well as the character's flesh tone on shirts and fleece.


zazzle vs drama patrol t-shirt printing

You'd be forgiven if you thought the moon was brown in our competitor's shirt. It's supposed to be red

The difference in color vibrancy across the entire spectrum of red, blue, and yellow is readily apparent in this comparison photos.

drama patrol custom t-shirts

If you're ready for this high quality in your custom t-shirts or you found a cool design in our shop, get started now and have fun designing and shopping




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